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Chañaral de Aceituno

Atacama Region

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Oasis where they mix desert, sea and countryside. This small community has been able to maintain its agroecological and cultural traditions over time and to stop a mega-thermoelectric project.  Friendly and struggling people, peasants who cultivate in the middle of the desert and fishermen. Join us in an adventure of unknown wonders!



Marcelo and Tainá

"Arriving in Chañaral of Aceituno was like a dream." We love exploring not much known spots on the map, with authentic natural beauties. It was an incredible joy to arrive in that quiet, very nice villa with its friendly people. We loved watching the giant whales, walking around the village and chatting with the neighbors so kind. In the days we were over there we looked like members of their families. "It was certainly an amazing experience."

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